Sailing Nakamal

Tucson and San Diego

These are stories about our pre-cruising life and preparations.

January – August 2015 (written in July – August to recap events)

Hello world! Wherein I start a blog

How did I get here? How the Captain got me to agree to this lifestyle

I really miss my kitchen The epiphany

Getting rid of your stuff We survived, you will too

Getting rid of your stuff Yard sale lessons

Buy a boat Just like buying a house. And a car. If they were the same thing.

Moving onto a boat The continuing saga of having too much stuff

Quit your job It’s harder than you think

What’s it like…… to live on a boat?

Flags It’s getting more real all the time

September 2015

Practice Run, aka Shakedown Cruise #2 Getting ready and sailing off to Mexico

Practice Run, aka Shakedown Cruise #2 Ensenada and back

Boat jobs Oh look, a beer

#BoatLiving That moment when you realize…..

Boat Living Take Two An Ode to Anne

October 2015

Closing Time The beginning’s end

Three Weeks The countdown continues

Two Weeks Away And I’m getting antsy

Videos I leave the dark ages!

Engine Hoisting Strength not required

One week away! Just 167 more hours….

It’s finally here!

Bye-Bye San Diego

To be continued…..on the Mexico page!



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