Sailing Nakamal

Coming Unglued

The stars have finally aligned, and we are going to go cruising! It might only be a few weeks but the glue that has been holding Nakamal to the dock is loosening up. This Friday (weather permitting) we will be leaving the dock to explore some new places.

Just like last year we planned to head north to the Sea of Cortez, aka Gulfo de California around this time, but just like last year those plans had to change. This time it was because of me – in February I had an MRI that showed two lumbar disk herniations. We didn’t want to move while I was on the prescription drugs because … well you know, operating heavy machinery and all those warnings.  We waited that out, I did my stretches and slow walks and slowly those pesky jell-o sacks have been healing.


Costa Alegra, or the Gold Coast – popular winter cruising grounds.

So we’re gonna do it.

The cruising season in Mexico is November – May. Most “commuter cruisers” head to their boats when the leaves (and temperatures) start dropping, or after the holidays in the US or Canada. They usually start in the Sea – La Paz, San Carlos, Mazatlan – and head south to cruise Mexico’s Gold Coast – from Mazatlan to Zihuatanejo and all the anchorages in between.

The usual pattern is for boats to start showing up in La Cruz in December – January, bunny-hop down the coast, and start returning in March-April on their way back to explore “The Sea” en route to their summer destination. Some “bash*” north on the outside of the Baja Peninsula (Cabo San Lucas to San Diego and beyond), some store their boats at marinas in La Paz or San Carlos, many have the boat hauled out and put “on the hard” to wait for winter cruising season. These are the people who have a summer residence in the US or Canada and spend the warmer northern months with family, or working to build up the cruising kitty for next season.


On the hard in San Carlos, basking in the summer desert sun.

That means we are bucking the trend – heading south this time of year is the opposite of the usual pattern.

Our plan is to leave Friday at the crack of dawn (which is now at about 7 am with daylight savings time) in order to get around Cabo Corrientes (Cape of Currents) before the afternoon winds wake up the sea. Our first planned stop is Tenacatita and after that….well it’s sailing, so we’ll just have to wait and see.

We’ll explore for six weeks or so, which probably means checking out the beers in all the locations to find out if they taste better anywhere else, then head back here to La Cruz to hunker down for summer.  Our friends Fred and Judy on S/V** Wings left a couple weeks ago so we’re going to chase them down the coast.

Stay tuned – new stories and pictures to come!

*The Baja Bash is called that because you are usually going against the waves when moving to the north – think surfing if the seas are following, and hitting brick walls if you going into the waves.

**S/V is the shortcut to say Sailing Vessel.


Sunset over Marina La Cruz

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