Sailing Nakamal

Livin’ on Chica Loca


With all due respect to Ricky Martin, I think we should change the lyrics to Livin’ on Chica Loca

On Monday John and I went into total “tourist mode”, taking advantage of a 2 for 1 deal on Chica Loca. Chica is a giant two-level catamaran – aka a “party cat” – that resides here in Marina La Cruz and goes out with a group of revelers most days of the week. We usually see them leave as we go about our morning routine, and hear them return in the late afternoon. Hear them as in – music, singing, dancing and general whooping it up.


John gettin’ his tourist on.

It’s the kind of thing that we ‘residents’ just roll our eyes at, but are secretly wondering what the heck happens on that boat all day, how much alcohol is consumed and just how many of those plastic cups end up in the bay.

Now we know.

We left about 9:30 in the morning and almost immediately, a kindly crew member was at our side with fresh fruit and muffins. Not long after, another crew member was at our side asking if we wanted anything to drink. Asked what they had to offer, he responded (somewhat slyly) “Water, coffee, juice….”. To my hopeful “Bloody Marys?” he smiled and said of course – also margaritas, screwdrivers – whatever you want.

We’ll take two please.


Buh-bye La Cruz.

No sooner was the last of the Bloody slurped up when they were back at our side asking if we needed anything else. Being all of 10:30 am, practically the middle of the day, we moved onto margaritas. And so it went.

We had a very pleasant slow motor across the bay for an hour or so, and on the way spotted two adult humpback whales frolicking and showing off their tails as they went for a deep dive. Just before anchoring we spotted a baby whale swimming around near the anchoring spot. No pictures – I’ve learned they never surface for long and there was no point in diving for the camera.

Once anchored, they deployed all the water toys and unfenced the water slide. We were free to snorkel, paddleboard, sit on the banana boat, work up the nerve to slide, or lay around and drink some more.


Chica at anchor


One of the staff found a “sea flower” for my photo gallery.


Not many fish but I saw a lot of these sea creatures.


John snorkeled for awhile but decided a cold beer was more satisfactory (especially when surrounded by girls in bikinis).


Water slide! As a matter of fact, I DID try it out. (Click here or on the picture for video)

I wonder if the whales are as fascinated by our frolicking as we are by theirs.

Next on the agenda was a light lunch, served in biodegradable containers. That’s when I learned that they use as much biodegradable / recyclable stuff as they can, right down to the trash can liners when they are available. And by my own observation the crew is right on top of watching for empty cups and other trash to keep it from flying overboard. It’s neither here nor there, but they are also constantly watching for tipsy passengers to keep them from going overboard.


Approaching Yelapa

After lunch we motored around the corner to Yelapa, a quaint little beach town with only a dirt track leading to it. The “road” is maybe wide enough for a four-wheeler, but no cars can get there, and there aren’t any in the village. Most of the group took the hike to the waterfall (John was in that group) and some of us stayed behind to enjoy the beach (I was in that group). I walked to the end and back then found a hammock. It was a very pleasant hour or so.


Pareas for sale


So you go to Mexico. You lay on the beach. And you completely cover up because…….?


Yelapa waterfall. One of the Chica guys tried to tell me it was “just like Niagra Falls”.

Have I ever mentioned that I think hammocks may be mankind’s greatest contribution to the universe?


Me in a hammock with a fresh coco. Are you even more jealous to learn there was also rum?


The panga assistant.

The hikers returned, we had a panga ride back to Chica Loca and then were on our way home. Before we knew it, a plate of fresh ceviche had been thrust into our hands.

Aaaaaannnnnndddd….that’s when the tequila shots came out.

To answer the question before you ask – yes I was dancing on the way into the dock. And I may have been a teensy-weensy bit hungover by bedtime.

So now we know the secrets of Chica Loca – great crew, fun times, free-flowing booze. That’s livin’.

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  1. Kim Shimits on said:

    Sounds amazing – sign me up PLEASE! Happy Holidays!!


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