Sailing Nakamal

2016 Fiesta del Viento


The Fiesta del Viento (Wind Festival) happens each year, mostly off a beach in our neighboring town of Bucerias.  Lucky for us, on Saturday 21 May there was a downwind race from La Cruz to Bucerias with about 200 kiteboarders taking off from the little beach next to our marina.


Kites getting ready


A beach full of kites!


The boarders lined up for a group photo.

The boarders had their kites and gear all laid out on the beach before they went in the water. The kites’ edges have to be pumped up, like the floaty things for your pool or kids’ water wings, so in the pictures it looks like they have some shape to them and aren’t just flat pieces of fabric. At the finish, we saw someone fold their kite up into a large backpack type carrier so they are pretty compact when not in use.


It’s a wonder they didn’t get tangled up.


One of these things is not like the others…. where did that windsurfer come from?


The committee boat moving into position to sound the starting horn

To start the race the ‘committee boat’, a small fast power boat, sounded a horn and moved across from our right to left. There was a large yellow marker in the water and the boarders were supposed to stay behind that marker until the committee boat passed it – that indicated the official start.

About 15-20 minutes before the start, the boarders started strapping on their gear and taking off into the water. For those who were intent on winning, the time was spent figuring out their strategy for being in a good starting position. At least, that’s what I think they were doing. Maybe they were just having fun in the wind.


Let’s go! Click here to watch the start.

We  watched the start of the race, then wanted to get to Bucerias in time to see the finish, so we took a taxi instead of walking up to the bus stop – but the kiteboarders beat us there anyway!


It was pretty hot on the beach, but a refreshing cucumber margarita helped.

We spent some time on the beach in Bucerias watching the people (John would say the scenery was pretty awesome as you can see below) and some of the other competitions. There was slalom racing and free-style events – videos were a bit tough to get because the sun was so bright I couldn’t see the screen so really had no idea where I was aiming or what my camera was capturing. But I managed to get the start (see above) and some jumping for your viewing pleasure.


Catching some air – click here to see video, the 3rd guy is the one that does something cool.

As far as the beach scenery is concerned, I have to say that the Mexican girls have some of the best booties I’ve seen, and they were certainly on display. I felt just the tiniest bit pervy taking these photos, but wanted to make it up to my nephew for not getting better pictures when the Dallas Cowboy cheerleaders were in town. So Jason – these are for you!

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One thought on “2016 Fiesta del Viento

  1. Juanita (mom) on said:

    Verrry interesting………..You have some great videos, Elinore. I’d like to see John and you in some of those videos if you can get him to stand for one or so and get him to take your picture in some. Thanks for sharing!


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