Sailing Nakamal


I’ve been told that the care and maintenance of sidewalks is up to the individual property owner, not the municipality. I’ve also been told that the town or municipality is in charge, but the tax revenue either isn’t there or the local government often has other priorities. I’m not sure if this is  true, but it seems like a reasonable explanation for the lack of consistency in quality, heights, uses for, and even existence of sidewalks. Merely walking down the street can turn a mundane errand into a Mexican adventure.

As with many things, the pictures tell a much better story than my words ever could:


Many, especially in wealthy neighborhoods, are very nicely done, such as this one in front of a private home here in La Cruz.


Another private home in La Cruz. Note the sidewalk matches the decorative tiles in the wall.


But sometimes….the sidewalk just ends to be replaced by dirt, weeds, or….


….stairs to someone’s apartment….or….


….a hole in the ground. With a tree growing in it. The hole is actually the front yard of the little house next to the building whose wall you can see on the right.


Many sidewalks are directly in front of homes, so as you walk past you can see in windows or open doors, hear the TV and smell dinner cooking. These commonly become extensions of the home, such as this outdoor living room where we often see the family sitting out in the evenings.


And then this guy….he uses the sidewalk as a dog bed. He must like this spot, we see him snoozing here nearly every day.


Many times there is a driveway built in, either like this one or as a concrete ramp so you get to walk at an angle – which is good practice for sailing actually.


On Wednesdays in La Cruz, the street market pops up and the road is now the sidewalk.


Many restaurants extend their dining facilities out onto the street, making the sidewalk a walkway through their restaurant.


And every now and then you see decorations for no apparent reason – here is festive street in Puerto Vallarta.

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