Sailing Nakamal


After Christmas, we started our sewing projects which took up a lot of my blogging time.


John figures out sewing thanks to Daren and Jim. Note the nearby handy beer, a vital sewing accessory.

Note that my job title does NOT include seamstress. I’ll own “first mate” and “galley wench” but seamstress…not so much. I took home economics in junior high, and did some mending type sewing in my youth. Then I got a job and learned about tailors….so it’s been awhile since I did any sewing. Friends from the Lake Roosevelt marina gave us a crash course in marine sewing a few months before we moved to San Diego and that was very helpful, but most of our sewing involves figuring it out as we go.

So I started with the easy project that wouldn’t be so bad if I totally screwed it up – covers for the fenders that John bought just before we left at the swap meet in Chula Vista:


Fender covers

Then I moved on to jerry-can covers where we store the extra diesel and dinghy gasoline – the hot Mexican sun will destroy plastic in a few months so we wanted some protection for these guys:


Dinghy gas can cover



Jerry-jug covers

One of my friends said these look like teeth, or bums. Maybe I should paint them to look like this:


Although John  may prefer this version:


Last, the big project – a shade cover for the front of the boat. This will have a couple of purposes – its primary purpose is keeping the inside of the boat cooler on sunny days. We made it big enough to keep rain out of the top and side hatches in the event it rains so we have some airflow in the boat on rainy days. This project involved carrying large swaths of fabric up the cruisers’ lounge to lay out for cutting and pinning, also explaining to questioners what kind of project we are working on: SunShade

Yes we are retired and yes we are in paradise while many of our family and friends are shoveling snow but ….#boatjobs never end.

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2 thoughts on “Sewing

  1. Wow! Never dreamed there was so much work involved. What is the daily temperature average? We’re in the 60’s right now, daytime, complaining its too cold. LOL


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