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Punta de Mita

After Christmas we started to whittle down the list of sewing projects. But I’m not the most patient of seamstresses, and John likes to see different places, so we took a break one day after the new year to make a trip to Punta de Mita.

Punta de Mita is a small village a couple bays to the west of La Cruz. There is also Punta Mita even further west; that is on the end with Banderas Bay on one side and the Pacific on the other and is the expensive, fancy place – the location of the Four Seasons Resort and other high priced locations.

We took the bus to Punta de Mita, walked from the highway to the beach, met Cuco and Valentino (see below), walked the beach, stopped for lunch, looked around the tourist street with its shops and restaurants, then headed home.

Only the big buses go to Punta de Mita, so a new mystery is where do the cambios (the public transport vans) that are labeled “Ruta Punta de Mita – Puerto Vallerta” actually go? Maybe someday we’ll ride one to the end just to find out. The big bus we got on was full so John and I had to stand for the first half of the trip there. One young woman did offer me her seat which only made me think of the first time a young person in the U.S. called me “Ma’am”. Sigh.

A big business is organizing panga rides out to the Islas Murietas, three small islands in the middle of Banderas Bay, for snorkeling and whale watching. Cuco and Valentino were two guys we ran into along the beach street. Their job is to bring the tourists in and get them to sign up for a tour. We learned that for about $110 US we can get up to 8 people on a panga for the two-hour snorkel trip, so we’ll go back and do that after we find at least one other interested couple to split the cost. We have Valentino’s phone number and chose to go with him because his English was better. I’m still not confident enough in my Spanish to risk, say, ending up on a four-hour tour at double the cost because I misunderstood something and we all just nodded our heads.

The photos will tell the rest of the story:


Aloha? Have I been transported on the Magic Bus to Hawaii? One of the first signs we saw on the walk from the highway to the beach.


The plaza of Punta de Mita.


The plaza has a stage in addition to the bandstand.


As we approached the beach there was a welcome committee.


The anchorage at Punta de Mita. Not crowded but a bit exposed to the swell – the Pacific is just beyond the islands (Islas Murietas) in the background.


Condos on the beach. Maybe someday we’ll retire to one of these. Oh wait, we’re already retired to paradise!


La Camina Turista (Tourist Street, my name for this street since it is lined with restaurants, souvenir shops and signs for massages.


Pangas awaiting tourists for the Isla Murietas snorkeling tours.


There are vendors walking up and down the beach – I succumbed to the temptation and bought two blusas.


The view from our lunch table, because it just doesn’t get old.


On our walk from the beach back to the highway we saw this structure. It’s a church in the process of being built.


Our chariot ride home to La Cruz. We know it goes to La Cruz because on the right-hand side it says “La” with a picture of a cross.

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  1. Beautiful places!


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