Sailing Nakamal

Mercados de La Cruz


In case you wonder where he is in the off-season.

Shopping in La Cruz is easier than you think it might be. Even Santa shows up to stock up for Christmas.


Chiles anyone?

There are several small tiendas that stock basics like a few kinds of soup, cold drinks, a small selection of vegetables, soaps, diapers – all the basics families need for living and some surprises (clothespins). There are also some specialty markets like the tortilla store, meat shop and fish market. Then there is the Sunday Mercado and Vegetable Mercado.


Greens galore.

The Vegetable Mercado is really a shipment received at one of the tiendas on Thursday afternoon, but before they stock the shelves other vendors and the public are welcome to sort through the shipment to make purchases.


Our haul – at a cost of just over $5 U.S.


A small part of the Sunday mercado – lots of vendors and lots of customers!

The Sunday Mercado is billed as  Farmer’s Market, but in reality it’s mostly arts and crafts, plus a lot of pre-prepared food (lasagna, breads, desserts, empanadas) both to take away and to eat right there. It’s a great place for lunch.

Pictures tell the story.


Amazing beadwork.


Baskets woven from pine needles. They smell wonderful.


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2 thoughts on “Mercados de La Cruz

  1. When you say “lasagna” would I recognize it as such?


  2. Gringo lasagna! Vegetable or meat, you get to choose.


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