Sailing Nakamal

It’s finally here!

At long last, the storage bin is empty.

At long last, the storage bin is empty.

Tomorrow is time to leave! We are so ready to go. In the last week we have:

  • Sold the car (me)
  • Rented and returned a rental car (me)
  • Shut down my cell phone (me)
  • Cancelled car insurance (me)
  • Shopped for health insurance (both)
  • Deflated the dinghy and strapped to the deck (both)
  • Completed the new engine break-in service on the dinghy engine (John)
  • Finished the last of the provisioning (me)
  • Two trips to West Marine to deal with a leaky propane regulator and its replacement (me)
  • Loaded up the Kindle (me)
  • Returned the internet box (me)

    No tengo internet (I don't have internet). Hopefully I'll get used to being "unplugged" soon.

    No tengo internet (I don’t have internet). Hopefully I’ll get used to being “unplugged” soon.

  • Filled the jerry cans with diesel and dinghy gas (John)
  • Met up with our Tucson friend Belinda, her daughter Haley and Haley’s husband Nick who is currently stationed here (both)
  • Met up with Nick and Haley at the downtown restaurant where her sister Murphy works (both)
  • Went up the jib to patch a worn spot on the sail (John)
  • Created Hallowe’en costumes for the Baja HaHa kickoff party (me)
  • Attended the kickoff party (both)
  • Done the last loads of laundry until ???? (me)
  • And the coup de gras – fix the freezer (John)

Most are self explanatory but a couple expansions:


His hat has a picture of limes. Mine has a tequila label. The little sign says “Missing” and is a salt shaker. From the song “Wasting Away Again in Margaritaville” – one of the lines in the song is “Lookin’ for my lost shaker of salt”.

Kickoff party: Every year, this happens the Sunday before the Monday rally start. The Baja HaHa rally this will have about 135 boats, and somewhere in the range of 400 people. The kickoff party is a way to meet some of your fellow sailors and start creating some bonds, and meet people to look forward to seeing again in the first stop. Because Hallowe’en happens during the rally, costumes are encouraged at the party. We were tame compared to most participants – many pirates, wenches, scalliwags, cows, mermaid, Neptune to name a few.


It’s all fun and romance until the freezer dies. Just to be clear – blank = bad.

Coup de gras: Sunday evening after getting back from kickin’ it with Belinda and the kids, John noticed the freezer display was out. Lucky this Sunday and not next Sunday is what we both said. And better here where we can parts over-nighted to us instead of in Mexico where there are customs and import duty to deal with, we both said. But still…..

The good Captain’s role:

  • diagnosed the issue after several hours in the cockpit locker working with wires and components in the back of the fridge and freezer units
  • found the part up near San Francisco
  • had it shipped overnight
  • installed it Tuesday
  • verified all systems are a go

My role:

  • Looked at the finished project and said

Hm, the displays don’t match.

Let there be ice!

Let there be ice!

OK there was also a lot of tool handing, running to Home Depot, and making sure we had provisions and the new propane regulator in time for dinner that night so I did contribute in other ways.

Turn left and keep going until you can turn left again.

Turn left and keep going until you can turn left again.

But now launch date is finally here! Our first stop in Turtle Bay (Bahia Tortuga) will have internet cafes, but we aren’t sure how much bandwidth so I may only be able to send of a couple short emails and maybe a facebook post to let people know we made it that far. We are scheduled to be there on Thursday Oct. 29 depending on wind. If none, we may in on Friday but we are hoping for mid-day Thursday.

Our second stop in Magdalena Bay (Bahia Santa Maria) will not have internet. The end in Cabo San Lucas will have wi-fi at the Marina (Strong? Reliable? Who knows.) and a Starbuck’s nearby (see, we aren’t going so far after all).

As for this blog, the next post I add will be on the Mexico page! Hopefully it will be full of pictures of fish we’ve caught and butchered in our cockpit, boats with colorful sails, and a happy smiling Captain and Crew.


Our goal – the arch of Cabo San Lucas. Just a few hundred feet more, then a left turn and we are there!

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One thought on “It’s finally here!

  1. Connie on said:

    Thinking of you. Dreaming of retirement. Bon voyage!


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