Sailing Nakamal


I’m leaving the dark ages!

Well not really. I still don’t Instagram or Snapchat, and probably never will. There’s enough to keep up with between Facebook, email, and now blogging. After all, one of our goals in undertaking this lifestyle is to unplug.

But to give the non-sailors a sense for what it’s like to be on the boat, I think videos are more powerful than mere words, or even pictures. So here are some of my early efforts at taking and posting videos from the iPad. Click on either the pictures or the underlined text to open the videos.


#1 – en route on the trip back from Ensenada in September. We motored upwind (meaning the wind was on our nose, or coming in straight at the bow – i.e. the pointy part of the boat). Boats don’t sail when the wind is on the nose, so we motored from Ensenada back to San Diego using the 50-hp diesel engine. In this video we probably had 6-foot swells so it was a little roll-y, later the swells were up to about 9-10 feet and it was pretty roll-y. Luckily, neither John nor I have experienced sea sickness so we are either immune, or haven’t encountered the conditions that make us susceptible yet. Like really roll-y.

By the way Nakamal performed like a champ in these conditions, which may be why the previous owner named her Champ.

WelcomeAboard#2 – For the folks who may never have been on a sailboat or even in a marina, a quick tour of our marina here in Chula Vista as seen from the Nakamal’s cockpit as well as the main part of the interior.


#3 – More of the Nakamal’s interior – the en suite master. It will probably make you think of a camper (or caravan, depending on your country of origin).

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