Sailing Nakamal

Closing Time

Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end.

A line from a song that’s really about closing time in a bar, but it also works as a transitional statement when you are in the midst of a big change, like taking on a new job or moving to a new house.

In January 2015 we began a new lifestyle – houseless but not homeless. Our goal was to prepare ourselves and our boat Nakamal to live the cruising life, starting with a journey down the Baja California Peninsula in either the 2015 or 2016 Baja-HaHa Rally. After just a few months, we knew we would be ready for 2015’s HaHa, thus began a series of “lasts”. A few at first, then things started heating up in August with a visit from John’s mother followed by my trip back east to see family and friends. Not the last time we’ll see them, but the last time before we leave on this new adventure.

Now that we are only about 4 weeks from casting off the dock lines, we are in the final push of getting boat jobs done, stocking up the supplies, and getting rid of a few last items that we have (a) forgotten we had on board and therefore probably won’t ever need, (b) have figured out they just won’t work on a boat or (c) have found a more suitable substitute for.

Some of the “lasts” are sad (family and friends), some we won’t miss (car insurance bill) and some are just tasks (Costco run). Here are a few lasts we have experienced or can look forward to:

Day to work at a paying job. Followed by the last corporate paycheck.

Playing tourist with June and Alan - the USS Midway. We walked 3 or 4 miles that day without leaving the ship.

Playing tourist with June and Alan – the USS Midway. We walked 3 or 4 miles that day without leaving the ship.

Visit with family and friends before casting off the dock lines – thankfully airlines fly in and out of Mexico. And, you can always hop on one and visit us in Mexico!

Trip to use the suitcase – it’s now the property of the Salvation Army.

Make the ___________ (car insurance, internet, marina) payment. Of course, this is replaced with boat registration, boat insurance, and other marina payments.

Chance to order using Amazon Prime membership – we made good use of that last chance too, to the benefit of the Wounded Warrior project via If you order from Amazon, this is a way for you to contribute to Wounded Warrior – and it doesn’t cost you a penny, nor do you have to do anything extra – just use the web address instead of plain old

Time to listen to Sirius XM radio in the car – luckily I can still get ESPN radio on my phone. Not sure if I’ll be able to hear the live broadcast or access podcasts from Mexico.

ShoesTime to wear these shoes – they just aren’t working for me now that it’s not sock weather. No worries, I saved the U of A addons, just haven’t figured out their new home yet.

Trip to Costco – well, to a U.S. Costco.

Trip to the Little Italy Farmer’s Market, Catalina Offshore Products, Bevmo. It’s my Saturday routine – a marvelous farmer’s market, fish market and wine/liquor store. But they grow veggies, catch fish and make wine and tequila in Mexico, so we’ll be able to adjust.

This is our fourth boat job list. As you can see from the handwritten ones, it never ends.

This is our fourth boat job list. As you can see from the handwritten ones, it never ends.

Boat job – wait, this is a myth. There is NEVER a “last boat job”. “Last boat job” is like the unicorn on the list of lasts.

I’m sure that there are many more “lasts” to come in the next four weeks. But soon those will change to “firsts” – which is why we are doing this crazy thing!

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