Sailing Nakamal

Quit your job

“I just want to rid of all my stuff, quit my job, and live on a boat.”

We did things a little out of sequence – we did start living on the boat while still full-time employees. But that was not a permanent state of affairs. After six months of boat living and “working from boat”, we are now both unempl…, retired.

When I wrote the title on the ‘headline page, I called the teaser for this topic “It’s harder than you think”. That reflected my own personal feelings leading up to the last day at my then employer, Sysmex America, Inc.

As with most jobs I’ve had, it wasn’t so much the actual work, the management or the career path CareerPath that kept me engaged – it was the people, and the sense of belonging to a team, being part of ‘something’. Starting from my first professional job in the lab at Binghamton General Hospital and our small team of three on the evening shift, through the dog days of a company that was bought and sold a couple times, to my final professional stop at Sysmex, it was always the people and the teamwork that I valued.

Untying the strings of the corporate bonds for good induced a feeling of untethered-ness that I wasn’t sure I was ready for. AndThatsThatYes, there were tears in my eyes on that last Friday, as I typed up the farewell email and walked out the door of the office building, headed to the airport for one last flight home.

By 7:15 the next Monday morning I had adjusted. Now, six weeks later, I don’t know how I found time for a job.

I also don’t really know what I do all day, so don’t ask.

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